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Mile High City CBD exists to provide access to dependable, consistent, and high-quality CBD, so that our customers may live a happier, healthier, and well-rested life.

Founded on Strong Core Values


Each batch is lab tested with complete transparency: review the CBD lab test results of your CBD product using the QR code on your label!

Pesticide Free + Organically Grown

We only sell the highest quality CBD products whose ingredients have been grown and hand selected to be the most consistent with the highest absorption rates.

USA Hemp + Local Small Business Support

Hemp grown in Colorado. Our business is based in the Mile High City – Denver, Colorado!, and we support local small businesses. 

Family Owned
+ Operated

Read our company history + learn how we discovered CBD as a critical aid for sleep, and an invaluable tool for relieving chronic pain without negative side effects.

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What is CBD

What is CBD

What is CBDHow is CBD Different from Marijuana?The Evidence for CBD Health BenefitsSide Effects of CBDDifferent Types + Different Ways to Consume CBDIs CBD Legal?How to Buy CBD?References Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound produced by the hemp plant that has been in use...

Prevent Covid with CBD? New scientific study results

Prevent Covid with CBD? New scientific study results

CBD and Covid: New scientific study identifies CBD-A and CBG-A as two compounds that, together, are able to prevent COVID-19 from entering human cells.Oregon State University research has identified certain hemp compounds through the chemical screening technique which...

Plant Medicine: 23 Beneficial Botanicals

Plant Medicine: 23 Beneficial Botanicals

CBD CBD is a chemical, cannabinoid, in the Cannabis sativa plant, also known as cannabis or hemp. CBD is extracted and used to treat a variety of ailments including anxiety, sleep issues, epilepsy, and chronic pain. Over 80 cannabinoids have been found in the Cannabis...