The Mile High City CBD Story

We sell premium CBD products.

Mile High City CBD was founded from the clear need for access to high quality CBD products made with integrity and transparency.

As our founders (Adam and Erin) struggled with sleep, chronic pain, and regular ol’ aging issues, they strove to find a natural botanical remedy without negative side effects to aid in everyday relief and overall well being.
high quality cbd products

Our Journey

We discovered CBD.

Then we discovered how hard it was to find a dependable, consistent, high quality CBD.

After meeting and sharing our stories for what good CBD has done for us, we decided to dedicate ourselves to helping others get access to a better, healthier life without the same barriers we encountered on our long arduous journey to a pain-free, well rested life.

CBD changed our lives. 

We belive people, their pets, and all animals should have access to good quality CBD.

We work tirelessly to source the finest ingredients, to work with the best manufacturers in the industry, and to custom formulate products we believe will help you overcome some of life’s most challenging obstacles.


Mile High City CBD Values


Our dedication to our product and to helping others was born from our own unique journey to CBD and the empathy discovered on that path.


We’re committed to being reliable, responsible, and honest. We third party test all our products and share the results so you can see exactly what is in your CBD.

Environmental Sustainability

Our appreciation for the beauty and splendor of the outdoors provides us the opportunity to prioritize sustainability. We source our hemp and other ingredients from pesticide-free, organic, USA farms. We use eco friendly packaging materials. We are starting a tree planting program soon! And we are members of a local sustainability business organization.


We want you to benefit from our products, so we have dedicated ourselves to greatness and are constantly working on new formulas and ways to improve. Feedback? We’re listening.

Meet Mali. 

Coworker of the Month Forever + #1 Pet CBD Fan!

Lucky for us, it’s the dog days of summer year-round. Meet our high-steppin’, skippin’, cute-as-can-be canine, Mali. Erin and our sweet sidekick met in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle – in the middle of a thunderstorm. After a bath (or three), Mali found her calling: supervising Mile High City CBD’s pet CBD department.

Being a hard headed energetic, active pup and aging isn’t the best combination. Mali has avoided surgery on her ACL by taking Pet CBD Oil everyday with breakfast. Her doggie boyfriend, Frankie, loves taking CBD for his dog anxiety. 

Meet Adam.

Cofounder + Gastronome

Hi I’m Adam and I’m riddled with anxiety and a painful, achy body. Not your usual intro, but hey we’re talking CBD here and I gotta be honest and overshare. I’m not taking it because I’m perfect! I’ve always enjoyed playing sports and I grew up a soccer and swimming champion. I’ve also worked in real estate in Colorado for over 20 years. Competitive sports + driving all day for real estate + multiple car accidents + 2 unsuccessful back surgeries = ouch!

I live life everyday with a big smile thankfully in part due to my discovery of CBD and how it helps with my anxiety and severe chronic pain. Growing up with the most amazingly compassionate father taught me to love and empathize with my fellow humans, and from that the drive and dedication to found a CBD company to help others was formed.

I use the cooling peppermint cbd on my back and shoulder pain, the mango cbd salve for my plantar fasciitis, and the dream time cbd tincture when I need a good night’s sleep free from worrying thoughts.

Meet Erin.

Cofounder + Plant Hoarder

Hi! I’m Erin, and I’ve been adventuring around the world since age 9 like it was never gonna catch up with me. Fast forward 30 years + my deep love for CBD came to its peak after a traumatic accident in a slot canyon in Utah. 

Getting helicopter rescued out of the canyon was not the end of the traumatic event, it was the beginning of a long hard journey of healing. Recovering back to living an active lifestyle after knee surgery, avoiding back surgery on multiple herniated discs, and sleeping restfully through the pain at night – all of these things made possible in large part by CBD.

I didn’t always trust CBD could work. Despite a deep love for nature and natural healing, I still maintained the skeptical, analytical values taught to me by my father the scientist. That changed one day while living in the Costa Rican jungle. I was suffering from debilitating lower back pain and sciatica. A friend returning to the states gifted me a mason jar full of CBD on his way out of town. I thought “what the heck I’ll try anything” and rubbed some on my lower back.

30 minutes later I was up doing chores and cooking dinner without anymore pain.

1 year later I was adventuring again after being able to do physical therapy and avoid back surgery.

5 years later I cofounded Mile High City CBD with Adam.

Ask us about all the adventures inbetween!

My faves from our collection – I use the mint cbd tincture at night for sleeping, the cbd salves and cbd gummies for my back pain, and the cbd bomb balm for my achy knee.

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