Lemon CBD Tincture: 3000mg Full Spectrum


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We’ve packed 3000mg of full spectrum CBD into our most popular flavored tincture – lemon! We’ve altered the ingredients a bit to account for the increase in hemp and you’ll be surprised at how delicious it is, we even impressed and surprised ourselves!

3000mg is our strongest CBD available and at the high quality and bioavailability you are used to, you can take just half a dropper and experience the effects you’ve come to love from our best CBD products.

Our Full Spectrum Tincture blend is a fantastic way to get your daily dose of CBD, via a fast-acting, tasty and effective way! This Full Spectrum Tincture is a complete solution, perfect to saturate your endocannabinoid system with essential cannabinoids and terpenes. Experience high quality Colorado grown hemp extracts, crafted to perfection and combined with our finest MCT oil, allowing the full spectrum of cannabinoids to thoroughly be absorbed. By using all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes extracted from the hemp plant, this product provides more therapeutic benefits promoting overall well-being, compared to isolated CBD. An added bonus to this well rounded tincture is it’s subtle lemon flavor.

We utilize MCT oil as a carrier oil in order to allow larger amounts of CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides which are a type of saturated fatty acid. Many people choose to use MCT oil in their wellness routines because of its health properties being great for our body and brain. This oil also helps keep the CBD from being degraded by the digestive system and extends the shelf life of this product.

Suggested Dosing: Take 1/2 to 1 full dropper. For maximum absorption, squirt and hold the oil under your tongue for 90 seconds (as long as you can) before swallowing. This will allow for maximum absorption straight into the blood vessels under the tongue.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Organic Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract (CBD), Organic Lemon Flavoring, Organic Stevia.
Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut).

Made with 100% Natural Ingredients. Sugar-free • Wheat-free • Vegan • Made in the USA from start to finish

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